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EMIL GISLER AG AND GIPO AG INNOVATIVE PEAK PERFORMERS We offer a versatile range of processing systems with world-class quality and performance.



In the field of treatment systems we set standards of unsurpassed quality, reliability and performance throughout the world. Our engineers decisively contribute to the advancement of components and machine types. For over 40 years, we have been implementing technical innovations in our machines and concepts on an ongoing basis and in the shortest possible time.



Based on many years of experience, we provide excellent professional advice and individual developments and designs. Active teamwork between engineering, production and other qualified employees creates a versatile and creative dynamic, combining customer requirements and cost-effective solutions. Emil Gisler AG offers an impressive range of services.

Mawev Show and Bauma 2018

Welcome to the Mawev Show 2018 in Austria and Construction Machinery Fair in Berne 2018!

Mawev Show 2018 The MAWEV Show celebrates its 10th staging in the heart of Austria. From 14 until 17 March 2018, more than 1,000 construction machines and vehicles will be making a stop in St. Pölten / Wörth, Lower Austria. The new 200,000 m² event venue provides national and international exhib…



This pioneering spirit is a leading characteristic of ours since 1973. What started in a small workshop in Seedorf evolved into two companies well-known and highly respected globally, Emil Gisler AG and GIPO AG. From their very beginning until now, they have set new benchmarks in the field of processing technology through highest levels of performance, unsurpassed precision, the highest levels of safety, reliability and innovativeness. Flexibility has been the main focus. We implement technical know-how continuously and in a very short time. Today, GIPO AG is the only Swiss manufacturer developing, designing and producing processing plants of the highest quality specifically for the non-metallic mineral industry and the recycling industry. Today, more than 800 plants are in operation worldwide, more than 400 of them of the GIPOKOMBI type. These plants stand out because of their high-quality components and durability. This pioneering spirit goes on while our experience increases.


Our employees ensure the high standard of our products and services. Currently we employ about 180 people. In addition, we employ about 20 temporary and part time staff. At Gisler AG and GIPO AG many young people have the opportunity to receive qualified vocational education and training. This way, we build the necessary basis for highly motivated and qualified employees in the future. 

We are always looking for highly motivated and interested people fascinated by our machines. Are you looking for a new vocational challenge? – If so, take a look at our current vacancies or send in a spontaneous application!

Gipo apprenticeship


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GIPO AG (Sales)

Industriegebiet See, Zone C
Kohlplatzstrasse 15
CH-6462 Seedorf

T +41 41 874 81 10
F +41 41 874 81 01
Schweiz / Switzerland / Suisse

Emil Gisler AG (Manufacturer)

Industriegebiet See, Zone C
Kohlplatzstrasse 15
CH-6462 Seedorf

T +41 41 874 81 00
F +41 41 874 81 01
Schweiz / Switzerland / Suisse

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