31. 01. 2018

Impact crusher with electro drive

The well-known paving producer MOAG backs an environmentally friendly electric drive system for its new crawler mobile impact crusher at the mixed materials plant in Mörschwil near St. Gallen. This innovative solution, offered with the GIPOREC R 131 FDR GIGA-E, can significantly reduce the emissions of this very robust system. This has a positive impact during intensive operation on the life cycle assessment of MOAG, which processes a volume of around 50,000 tonnes of crushed and screened reclaimed asphalt per year. 

This machine selection meets the corporate objective of "Vorsprung durch Innovation" (advancing through innovation). Additional requirements were to be able to screen out three components at the same time with the new crusher and to increase the capacity to 1200 tonnes per day. In addition, the quality of the recycled material must create the prerequisites for also making mixed materials for road surfaces. In this way, MOAG's corporate goal of contributing to the closure of the material cycle can be fulfilled. 

We would like to thank Moag Mischgutwerke Mörschwil AG for the trust it has placed in us and the very pleasant working relationship we have enjoyed with them for many years.