Christmas party 2018

17. 12. 2018

As has been the case every year, we were lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous end-of-year party at the SBU (Stiftung Behindertenbetriebe Uri / Uri Foundation for Persons with Special Needs) in Schattdorf. 170 persons attended the event – more employees than ever before in the past.

After a welcoming speech by company owner Claudia Gisler, CEO Kari Gasser gave us an interesting account of facts and figures relating to the fiscal year just past. There was a special emphasis on the extension of company premises in the years to come. And he was delighted to present and explain the outstanding capacity utilisation figures in production for the coming months.

The first-class buffet hors d’oeuvres and excellent main course were given a hearty round of applause. Some 45 anniversary celebrants were subsequently honoured with special commendations for their many years of loyal service. The evening lingered out to its end, with a wonderful dessert and much animated conversation.