24. 07. 2018

Two new GIPO crushing plants in operation at Hagedorn

As one of the first pioneers in the processing of recycled construction materials, Hagedorn AG recognised the economic and ecological significance of material recycling as early as about 40 years ago. Hagedorn has headquarters in Meilen in the canton of Zurich and a processing installation in Reichenburg in the canton of Schwyz, as well as a works yard in Pfäffikon in the canton of Schwyz.  With two new stone crushing plants from manufacturer GIPO, the company can increase its competence and capacity in processing recycled construction materials and is excellently positioned for future demand. 

Following the delivery and commissioning of the large GIPOREC R 130 FDR GIGA DA plant, a modern, high-performance plant has been in operation at the processing installation in Reichenburg since June 2017. And with the GIPOREC R 90 FDR GIGA in operation at the works yard in Pfäffikon since mid-May of this year, a replacement for an older plant, which had reached the end of its useful life, was provided at very short notice. GIPO successfully "manufactured/produced" the plant at short notice despite good capacity utilisation at the works and narrow deadline requirements on the part of the customer. After order intake in March, GIPO handed over the new plant to the customer as early as mid-May, an outstanding achievement that demonstrates the flexibility and efficiency of its production. 

Criteria for plant evaluation

After the GIPOKOMBI RC 130 had been operating smoothly at the Reichenburg processing installation for around 10 years following its commissioning in 2007, after a total of 12,000 operating hours it was obvious that it was time for a replacement. Beforehand it had to be assessed whether an overhaul and restoration of the plant, which after all was 10 years old, was still worthwhile or whether a new acquisition was the preferable option. The decision led them once again to manufacturer GIPO, which had proven itself excellently in Hagedorn's eyes over the past years as a local company and stood out because of its close location as well as its prompt service and replacement parts supply. 

The choice fell on the GIPOREC R 130 FDR GIGA DA model mobile tracked impact crusher with screening unit for operation at the processing installation in Reichenburg. In the opinion of Walter Hüppin, Head of Workshop and Vehicle Fleet at Hagedorn AG, this model of plant was superior to its predecessor because of several improvements:  "Fuel consumption in particular is significantly lower due to the impact crusher's newly designed direct drive." In addition, Hüppin emphasised the higher productivity and the innovative magnetic iron extraction in a longitudinal direction. He also mentioned the positive aspect that the two to three employees working in construction materials processing in Reichenburg found the plant easy to handle. 

While the new GIPO giga-crusher was proving its worth in daily use in Reichenburg, it was becoming evident that the crusher being used in Pfäffikon was nearing the end of its useful life. An immediate replacement was required for this 15-year-old plant, according to Hüppin. The objective for the replacement was to be very flexible in recycling material production and to have a crusher available that was easy to move and that could be used on Hagedorn AG's own building sites if required. To achieve this, the choice fell on a GIPOREC R 90 FDR GIGA mobile tracked impact crusher with screening unit. This was ready for use as early as mid-May thanks to the high level of flexibility of manufacturer GIPO. 

We would like to thank Hagedorn AG for the trust it has placed in us and the very pleasant working relationship we have enjoyed with them for many years.