07. 05. 2019

All good comes in threes

With the combination of a jaw crusher and impact crusher, both on caterpillar treads, and a similarly track-mounted screener, Hartsteinwerke Vogtland was in a position to operate with maximum flexibility at its various sites. When it decided on the production of these three new plants in the summer of 2018 and commissioned GIPO AG for the purpose, we were of course very pleased.

First and foremost – flexibility

These plants have been in use for several months now, making a very good impression with their quality and productivity. The GIPOBAC B 1185 FDR track-mounted single-jaw crusher serves as the primary crushing plant. It comes with a CAT diesel engine and 475 HP, so it is perfectly equipped to handle the material conditions. GIPO’s patented material flow approach is crucial in ensuring that the material can be conveyed onward into the machine without a hindrance.

Next in line is the track-mounted GIPOREC R 131 FDR GIGA DA, which is actually responsible for the quality of the end granule product. This is a robust and proven impact crusher with a pulveriser infeed of 1270 x 920 mm. Among its essential technical features is the new and innovative direct crusher drive. And then you have the centrepiece of the system, the pulveriser, which has been tried and tested on countless occasions. The special gears mean that the crusher can be driven directly and with minimum wastage, and moreover the new hydraulic solution makes it possible for the auxiliary drives (channels, screens and conveyor belts) to be controlled in such a way as to optimise consumption.

And what about the third member of the trio, the track-mounted GIPOSCREEN S 156/2? This is a two-deck screener with a large screener surface, ensuring high throughput even when the final granular size is small.

The issue of flexibility, above all, is the one addressed here. All three systems can be perfectly used in combination, while delivering an equally outstanding performance if used on their own.

Expectations exceeded

Hartsteinwerke Vogtland decided to go with GIPO, because they found the basic concept of its plant altogether convincing. Crucial here was the fact that the electronics is kept to a minimum. ‘That suits us, and also sets off GIPO from its competitors,’ said Uwe Bernhardt, Technical Director at the Vogtland works. And what’s it been like after all these months of daily use? ‘We are absolutely happy, and can truly say that our expectations have been exceeded.’ So the three-pack from GIPO has really proved its worth.

We hope Hartsteinwerke Vogtland will continue to be very successful with its three new GIPO processing plants, and would like to express our thanks for what has been a consistently agreeable partnership.

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