07. 05. 2019

Two GIPOBAC B 0960 stone crushers in tunnel deployment

On the 7.5 km Gloggnitz Tunnel contract section of the 27.3 km Semmering Base Tunnel, currently under construction, two GIPO track-mounted jaw crusher plants are being used. They are needed for the processing of the quarried materials.

Robust plants with sophisticated technology

With the progress that is being made, of 6 metres per tube per working day, one of the crushers must be shifted up to 500 metres every seven or eight weeks. After an operating period of some months, moreover, the crusher weighing 60 tonnes must be partially disassembled so it can be let down into the shaft. The choice of crusher type by the Semmering Base Tunnel 1.1 working consortium was influenced by the properties of the stone to be processed, the need to operate round the clock 24/7 and the throughput required. The crushers also had to be robust machines with sophisticated technology and a high degree of availability.

Special features of the crushers

The GIPO BAC B 0960 PB-FDR track-mounted single-jaw crusher plants come with an apron conveyor feed and separate pre-screening. They can handle the hardest stone and have proved their worth in tough operating conditions. For tunnelling below ground, the crusher plant is equipped with two electric engines each of 75 kW – for the direct crusher drive and the auxiliary drives. With an infeed opening of 900 x 587 mm, the generously sized feed hopper serves as a material buffer and ensures an even flow of materials. Separate pre-screening separates out fine materials, platy granules and any impurities that may be present, so improving crushing performance and reducing wear and tear.

We would like to thank the SBT 1.1 working consortium for putting their faith in us, and hope they will continue to enjoy every success in constructing the Gloggnitz Tunnel with the help of our two jaw crushers.

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