26. 02. 2020

Since summer 2019 a GIPOREC R 100 FDR GIGA has been in use with the company Alois Miller i.e. Schwaben Recycling GmbH. Quality and productivity - two features of the track mobile impact crusher by which its new owners have been impressed in no time.

Perfect for recycling operations

At Schwaben Recycling GmbH the track mobile impact crusher with a mounted screen unit is exclusively used for recycling operations. This comprises the processing of the supplied mineral demolition and building recycling material on the company-owned recycling plant on one hand and the operation on the respective construction sites on the other hand.

The heart of the system is the highly robust and powerful P100 impact crusher, with a pulveriser inlet measuring 970 x 920 mm and a rotor diameter of 1,200 mm. The GIPO pulveriser, which repeatedly proved its worth, is combined with a large final screening unit providing many advantages especially in recycling operations. The crusher drive is hydraulic. The permanent magnet is vertically mounted at the changeover between the crusher discharge conveyor and the screen machine. An air separator is mounted in the oversized grain circuit. This allows light material such as wood, plastic and other light-weight extraneous material to be blown out of the material flow using a special air nozzle.

No machine is alike

With GIPO no machine looks like another. Each model is designed according to the client’s requirements. This is obvious when looking at the Schwaben Recycling plant. “GIPO had to modify the chassis to transport the plant on one of our existing flatbed trucks. This allowed us to mount the necessary permanent magnet at the right place. And more importantly, the weight distribution with the slightly modified frame fits perfectly again”, states Schwaben Recycling’s Bernhard Miller.

Robust and without electronics

Bernhard Miller was particularly impressed by the fact that GIPO’s machines do not have any unnecessary electronics. The highly robust made is much appreciated particularly in the recycling industry. “We previously only heard good things about GIPO, the presentation in Switzerland and our visit of the plant impressed us. What’s perhaps most important: The quality of the end product must be perfect - GIPO is probably the best example there”, Miller comments.

And what impressed him most? “They are Swiss, they are approachable and you feel comfortable with them!” This is the ideal situation for a great cooperation.

GIPO - Moving mountains with us.