17. 02. 2020

An ideally happy relationship

With its acquisition of the track-mounted GIPOREC R 131 PB-RR GIGA DA impact crusher, the Müllerkalk, based in the Vulkaneifel district of the Rhineland-Palatinate, has found the best solution for meeting rising customer requirements and satisfying the increasing demand for further limestone and dolomite products.

Wide range of products

Limestone was burned as far back as 1834 in Üxheim-Ahütte, in the heart of the Vulkaneifel district. So today’s Nikolaus Müller Kalkwerk-Natursteinwerke GmbH und Co has a long tradition behind it, on which it looks back with some pride. Generally known as Müllerkalk, the company enjoys a reputation that extends well beyond the borders of the region. Accordingly, it offers a very wide product range, comprising both burned and unburned products, feed lime and lime fertiliser, and extending to chips, rubble and broken stone for use in horticulture and landscaping. All this involves a great deal of work, which in a certain sense can be seen as "par for the course" – in the words of Sebastian Kneppel, the company’s Director of Technical Operations.

Open communication and intensive consulting

And this is the point where GIPO enters the picture: "In parallel to the customer’s rising expectations of our products, so too our own production standards and aspirations to product diversity have increased", Kneppel says. So what they needed was a mobile crusher. This would serve as a primary crusher plant directly on site, preparing the limestone, which in some cases is combined with cohesive admixtures, either for further processing or for use as a quality crushed stone product. The company collaborated with GIPO in developing a machine design that would meet all the requirements placed on it without exception. For Sebastian Kneppel, this was "a great experience‚ also in view of the openness of communication and intensive consultancy provided – which headed us off, incidentally, from opting for a smaller plant which would probably have proved inadequate to requirements in a short time." The technical dialogue was thus a very important part of a decision process that continued for something like two years, before the company finally found its ideal solution in the GIPOREC R 131 PB-RR GIGA DA.

Expectations exceeded

Its essential specifications include GIPO’s powerful and proven P 131 impact crusher, with an impact mill inlet of 1270 to 920 mm and rotor diameter of 1200 mm, a robust steel apron belt feed unit and a roller grate for pre-screening. As well as a 1400 mm wide crusher output belt, a two-deck screening machine with a screening area of 1500 to 5000 mm, an integrated oversize grain recirculation system and the new and innovative direct crusher drive. Sebastian Kneppel is over the moon about the new GIPO plant, as are his colleagues: "It has simply exceeded all our expectations. With an operating weight of around 90 tons, it has a feed capacity of up to 400 tons per hour, giving quite outstanding performance. Now we are just looking for the most suitable feed unit and focusing on the further training of our staff, after which everything will be just perfect."

GIPO - Moving mountains with us.