Compact Sand Plant CSP

The Compact Sand Plant (CSP) range enables superior separation efficiency from the final washed sand product, producing in-spec sands to your desired grade.

In addition to the highest level of quality and performance, significant benefits include simple and fast assembly times, ease of operation, low maintenance and an overall reduced footprint. Each CSP is individually tailored to suit any application regardless of desired tonnage, from 20t/h - 250t/h, or silt percentage in the feed material.


CSP 60
Washing capacity: 60 t/h
Water requirement: approx. 150 m3/h

CSP 120
Washing capacity: 120 t/h
Water requirement: approx. 300 m3/h

CSP 200
Washing capacity: 200 t/h
Water requirement: approx. 500 m3/h

CSP 250
Washing capacity: 250 t/h
Water requirement: approx. 625 m3/h