Wear resistant steel: the facts



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Increase the life expectancy of your equipment by choosing wear resistant steel

More people than ever are choosing systems or components made partly or entirely from wear resistant steel. Swiss company GIPO AG provides its international clientele with steel in a diverse choice of thickness and hardness. GIPO is also a supplier of BRINAR® wear resistant steel so, whatever your needs, you're sure of finding the right product. Read on to learn more about this tough, durable material and its many applications.

What is wear resistant steel?

Wear resistant steel is an impact and abrasion resistant alloy metal with a high carbon content. The carbon adds resilience and increases the steel's overall toughness and various degrees of hardness are available. It is widely used in the production of specialised machinery and equipment where high impact and pulverising are issues. For example, in rock processing, systems like the GIPOKOMBI rely on wear resistant steel to reduce sliding and abrasion. Selecting components made from this durable alloy helps to reduce costs and adds to the overall profitability of your system. Even under extreme weather and environmental conditions, the presence of super-hard chromium and molybdenum carbides in wear resistant steel ensure that parts offer exceptional processing properties and extended service life.

Choose from a diverse range of wear resistant steel with GIPO AG

The Emil Gisler and AG and GIPO AG partnership began in Seedorf, Switzerland in 1973. Today, GIPO is a leading provider of wear resistant steel for industries such as recycling, rock processing and tunnel construction. The hardness and long life expectancy of high carbon content steel make it the ideal choice for impact based applications or where exposure to the elements is a factor. Sometimes referred to as high carbon abrasive resistant steel, this reliable material cover the hardness spectrum. Types like AR 400 and AR 500 are common; AR stands for 'abrasion resistant' and the number refers to the hardening materials such as magnesium and molybdenum that each contains.

Wear resistant steel for specific applications

Specialist wear resistant steel like the BRINAR range of water quenched and tempered alloys are among the many outstanding products used and supplied by GIPO AG. This remarkable material is made by the Salzgitter Group, a trusted partner of GIPO AG and Emil Gisler AG. Its exceptional strength and unique properties are achieved by heating the alloy materials to a temperature of 900°C. It is then cooled in a water quenching plant and additional heat tempering is carried out if necessary. BRINAR wear resistant steel is the ideal choice for parts that need to be extremely tough and hard wearing such as the crushing plates in impact crushers like the GIPOCONE and GIPOKOMBI systems.

Learn more from the specialists

As experts in rock processing and recycling system design and manufacture, GIPO AG is something of an authority on wear resistant steel. Do take a look at www.gipo.ch for further details or contact a member of our skilled team.


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