Flame cutting and forming


Cutting ranges up to 620 mm, cutting of rod material up to 12 m. We are perfectly equipped with our fully hydraulic high-performance band sawing machine and our large extensive warehouse. In addition, various smaller cutting machines ensure highest adherence to schedule and flexibility. Our gas-cutting and plasma-cutting plants also offer a high degree of flexibility. They can cut very large workpieces ranging from 3500 mm x 16000 mm and a thickness of up to 400 mm, with shapes and dimensions meeting the highest requirements.

Machines for bending
Our CNC folding press including an angular-position measuring system is designed to process customised orders. As our retooling times are very short, we can offer flexible and cost-efficient processing of small to medium-volume series. Our precise bending process achieves highest angular precision and repeatability. Bending lengths of up to 9600 mm reduce the need for welding and reworking to a cost-efficient minimum. This way construction ideas become reality.